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Dance mommy dance

Once more! Once more! I could hear the voices from the audience while twirling in the Rajasthani tunes of Ghoomar. I was engrossed in the dance moving gracefully with other mommies circling with diyas in hands… winding and twisting enjoying the audience and their cheering. Woow!! Amazing experience... never felt before. Felt great I had… Continue reading Dance mommy dance


Chocolate Balls Recipe

Ingredients: Condensed Milk 1 Tin (Milkmaid) Marie Biscuit 350 grams Cocoa Powder 2 to 3 tsp. Drinking Chocolate 150 grams Milk 1 Cup (use as required) Desiccated Coconut 100 grams (add half to the mixture and use half for rolling the balls)   Method: Grind the Marie Biscuits in the Mixer. Sieve it so that… Continue reading Chocolate Balls Recipe