Blooming Thoughts

Saga of an Obese Woman

  She was stuck in herself. She wanted to come out of herself… her body. Her flabs glued around her… entangled with pudginess like a housefly entangled in a cob web, struggling to relieve. Out she wanted to be of her tyres. Release her from the heaviness… free she wanted to be, light like a… Continue reading Saga of an Obese Woman

Blooming Thoughts

Red ink over the blues and the blacks

Blue worms crawling on the paper… my eyes rolling. Every page I saw myself struggling. At night 12:30am all asleep. The room filled with silence. The whirring of the fan rotating fast and the air blowing with pressure making my hair fly and a bit messy. My eyes were hurting and it was annoying. I… Continue reading Red ink over the blues and the blacks