Blooming Thoughts

Look I can fly…

I heard one say – “Papaji ek aakhri photo khichlo.” Papaji replied nervously – “Oye! Saale… mein marne thodi ja raha hoon”. Son is like “Papaji nahi nahi... mera matlab tha, phir toh video leni hai”. On the other hand, Papaji’s son couldn’t stand straight nor speak because of nervousness. He was shivering with fear.… Continue reading Look I can fly…

Blooming Thoughts

The Waiting Room

I was trying to control my sleep but my eyelids barely could stay wide open. I was slipping down my chair. My ass refused to stick on the arch of the silver steel chair. It was 1:30 am, yet the room looked busy. There was a constant creaking of the door as people were coming… Continue reading The Waiting Room