Blooming Thoughts

Path Often Traveled

Dadaji and his gang sits on the parapet wall in the middle of a path that leads to the station from one side and many commercial buildings and highway on the other side. This road is always busy, full of traffic and traffic Policemen running about controlling the traffic chaos. During peak hours, there is… Continue reading Path Often Traveled

He"ART"felt Musings

Re-imagine your Living Zone

We are stuck and living in the same old place. The same old bedroom… drawing room etc. Get a change… whitewash the house with new colours. Oh! Budget constraints? Use Wall Decals to decorate the walls and get a change in one’s living. Else using oil paints, paint your favourite animal or object. Add slogans with… Continue reading Re-imagine your Living Zone

Blooming Thoughts

It’s School Time

Where are we going? Baabaa (are we going out for fun)? My daughter asked curiously. I said – “We are going to your new school. You remember we were talking yesterday about your new school. Today is your first day of school. Mumma will also come along with Nirvi baby. Nirvi will enjoy and have… Continue reading It’s School Time

Blooming Thoughts

Little Eva

“Baba baaa… baa baa” - Little Eva twaddled pointing at her pink shoes. Eva, a year old, cute little fair looking girl with greyish - green curious eyes, brownish-black wispy hair and tomato red cheeks. Yes! It’s evening time… time to go to the park. “Yes, my baby… Evuu (Mumma calls Eva lovingly) Mumma will… Continue reading Little Eva