He"ART"felt Musings

Shravan Maas Somvar Evening Aarti

Ding-a-ling bells ringing at the Ambe Maa Temple. Monday evening Aarti was on and worshipers were completely absorbed in the tunes of the Shivji’s Aarti. The temple was decorated with beautiful flowers like marigold, roses, lilies, ganneru and various other colorful flowers. The fragrance had spread all over the place and lifted the entire atmosphere… Continue reading Shravan Maas Somvar Evening Aarti

He"ART"felt Musings

Re-imagine your Living Zone

We are stuck and living in the same old place. The same old bedroom… drawing room etc. Get a change… whitewash the house with new colours. Oh! Budget constraints? Use Wall Decals to decorate the walls and get a change in one’s living. Else using oil paints, paint your favourite animal or object. Add slogans with… Continue reading Re-imagine your Living Zone

He"ART"felt Musings

‘Soulmate’ – My Painting

Winter cold morning after snowfall… the roads covered with white furry snow. Silent roads, clear sky ice cold weather… two mates beheld at each other… they looked around to check anyone looking at them. They come close but a sound deterred them. Looking at each other they exchanged secret messages. She blushed trying to come… Continue reading ‘Soulmate’ – My Painting