That’s Me

Experimental Blogger | Love to paint and make DIY stuff | Financial Enthusiast | Educationist | Yoga Practitioner | Enjoy Cooking | Home Maker | Mother of a cutie |

In short (pun intended) “chota packet BADAAAAA Dhamakaaaa”

Life is a collection of memories and experiences. In our daily hustle and bustle we forget to capture simple moments and create memories. This blog is my attempt to create a memoir of those smaller things, those insignificant day to day moments that we so often take for granted and neglect. These are the moments I believe that add significance and depth to our mundane routines. Through this blog my attempt is to capture these easy to miss experiences that enrich us.

Also, art and painting is a big part of my life. It helps me keep sane in this insane world and allows me to immerse myself completely into the world of colors and get dirty. I intend to share some of these creatives with the world and let them have a glimpse of my heart.

Hope you have a great read…your comments, thoughts, feedback are always appreciated.

P.S. Images dhapna maat saare mere hai 🙂