Blooming Thoughts

De-stress Yourself

This morning I just thought of leaving everything and landing in a wonderland. Relaxing on a hammock. Absorbing the pristine atmosphere. Grabbing a drink and relishing myself under the blue sky around the green woody structures. Between the nature rejuvenating myself by listening to Nature’s Orchestra. Do you feel the same? If you also feel… Continue reading De-stress Yourself


Herbal Tea

Ingredients: Mint Leaves – 7 to 10 leaves Lemon Grass – 1 stalk Ginger – 1 small piece Water – 2 Cups Jaggery to taste Method: Heat water, add Mint leaves, grated Ginger, and Lemon Grass. Let it boil for 3-4 minutes. Remove from the stove. Add Jaggery and let it steep for 2 minutes. Sieve… Continue reading Herbal Tea

Blooming Thoughts

Blessing Lines… I Too Will Earn It (Part 2)

Part 1 Part 2 Both were awfully upset. Several attempts to start a family had failed. Shweta was tired and shattered. A few days later, Vikram decides to discuss adopting a child with Shweta. She never wanted to adopt. She wanted a baby, experience a cell grow into a baby. Experience her belly swell, feel… Continue reading Blessing Lines… I Too Will Earn It (Part 2)

Blooming Thoughts

Blessing Lines… I Too Will Earn It (Part 1)

Part 1 “Lucky are the ones who get a chance to enjoy motherhood. Blessed are the ones who go through the process of planning, carrying and delivering the baby. A child in hand transforms the woman to a mother and man to a father. The transition is huge. It’s like a roller coaster ride with… Continue reading Blessing Lines… I Too Will Earn It (Part 1)

He"ART"felt Musings

Shravan Maas Somvar Evening Aarti

Ding-a-ling bells ringing at the Ambe Maa Temple. Monday evening Aarti was on and worshipers were completely absorbed in the tunes of the Shivji’s Aarti. The temple was decorated with beautiful flowers like marigold, roses, lilies, ganneru and various other colorful flowers. The fragrance had spread all over the place and lifted the entire atmosphere… Continue reading Shravan Maas Somvar Evening Aarti